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    We love to make games.

    With our own game engine, we can work freely and creatively, according to our needs. We attach great importance to transparency and freely available software.

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    We work with good software

    Free Software is very important to us. That's why we support these great projects that make our work possible. Our game engine should become a part of this community and make dreams come true. Free to use, forever.

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    We are a community.

    As a team, we are always looking for friends who would like to work with us. In our view, code is harmony and aesthetics. Art is passion and expression of the utmost creativity. Become a part of us and we can achieve great things.

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Goodies from AgoutiGames

We are a small game development team from the unfathomable depths of Bavaria.

We love OpenSource software and develop our games according to this philosophy.

Have fun on our website.

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Collision Time!

The motivation high continues and since the last Devlog the next 9 commits have already settled on the master branch. One of my biggest worries is now finally done with all the important core functions, notifying, detecting and reacting to collisions! In order for everything to fit together properly, many individual steps were needed:

New Tile Shapes, Windows Build Testing and much more

The last Devlog was a little over 3 weeks ago and the number of commits has increased by 55. I'm surprised, but a lot has really happened: - Support for all Tile Shapes - Support for all Render Orders - Support for mirrored and rotated Tiles - CMake Improvements - Windows Builds, aka. No more MSVC Hell - Collision Switch Event - Variables as Event Parameters - Updates Time-dependent - Variable animation speed - New Map Memory Formats - New Project: "HiBearNation" A bunch of bugfixes and many small things

An overlay for the game

I am currently working on the Terra Australis user interface. I'm not sure yet what the end result will be. But it should contain vegetation, I think. That's why I already inserted a branch. But there will be more. I am also currently working on further ideas. Basically there should be animations in the frame.
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